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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Maintaining Wheelchairs

Because physically disabled individuals are heavily dependent on their wheelchairs, it is necessary to know how to properly maintain the wheelchair. A wheelchair is an expensive piece of equipment and costly when it has to be replaced. Damage or even accidents can be prevented through looking after a wheelchair correctly and on a regular basis.

Proper wheelchair maintenance should be carried out on a weekly basis or depending on the amount of time the wheelchair is in use it is a good idea to take a look every day.

General cleanliness of the wheelchair should be looked at, cleaning the wheelchair wheels of dirt and grime can help the smoothness of the ride. If the wheels aren't kept clean it can result in damage to the rim and spokes which in turn could cause rust.

Also, make sure to tighten the wheelchair's axel and its plate. This is important because when axles are loose, there is a tendency for them to snap while the wheelchair is moving which compromises the safety of the wheelchair user. Other parts of the wheelchair that should be looked at are the backrest and the seat. Not only will these parts compromise the safety of the user when loose they can also affect the seating position.

Take a look at the wheelchair tyres at regular intervals. Make sure to add more air whenever it is needed. When pneumatic wheelchair tyres don't have the correct air pressure set they can be harder to maneuver and when used with an electric wheelchair the wheelchair battery is put under a larger load.

If you cannot perform wheelchair maintenance by yourself, you should ask someone close to you for assistance. Should there be no one to assist you, you should enquire about a local wheelchair service center or find someone that can carry out the work on a fee basis.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter who carries out the wheelchair maintenance, the main factor is that it is carried out correctly providing the wheelchair user a safe mobility product. It also helps in preventing costly repairs to the wheelchair or in the worse case scenario having to buy a new wheelchair.

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