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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Selling Used Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs help those who would be unable to move or achieve mobility. Electric wheelchairs give the physically disabled the freedom to be able to go anywhere they want or need to. Previously, those who needed to use wheelchairs had to use manual wheelchairs, propelling themselves or have someone push them.

Using an electric wheelchair, the mobility of the wheelchair user has been simplified to operating a button then moving a joystick, which enables easy and comfortable movement. Compared to a manual wheelchair, electric wheelchairs are different as they are propelled using hydraulics and electricity.

Unfortunately, electric wheelchairs maybe a fantastic piece of equipment, they can easily cost a few thousand pounds, which isn't something that the average person can easily afford. Most wheelchair showrooms now buy and offer used electric wheelchairs as long they have been kept in good condition.

As electric wheelchairs are durable items, most people will often change the wheelchair before it starts to wear out and so easily sell the used wheelchair to someone who cannot afford to purchase a brand new electric wheelchair. Due to the initial price of an electric wheelchair it is possible to sell the wheelchair for at least half of what you originally paid and that's a fair trade.

An important thing to note is the majority of wheelchair showrooms don't buy used wheelchairs that are older than three years old, and the wheelchairs they do buy back are expected to be in pristine condition.

In order to actually sell your electric wheelchair you will obviously need to look for somewhere that is looking for secondhand wheelchairs. For the most part, you should avoid looking at the classified ads section in the newspaper the majority of time you will only find smaller companies. More often than not, smaller companies are known to be somewhat unprofessional knowing that electric wheelchairs are expensive and pushing the price as low as they can.

Instead, you should consider using much more professional companies such as working through agencies such as the MDA or the Muscular Dystrophy Association. These particular organisations are able to match those who have specific needs to the wheelchairs they have available, most often through word of mouth or newsletters and other forms of communication.

The important thing is that they focus on finding a wheelchair user that suits your wheelchair. Your local rehabilitation centre is also a good place to go, as when you contact them, they should look at different sellers and be able to give them therapists they can work with, therefore finding a user that fits the wheelchair better.

In the long run, always look for serious buyers and you will find someone that will invest in the wheelchair which will help you to buy a new electric wheelchair or invest the money in something else.

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