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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

The Cycle of the Wheelchair

When the manual wheelchair was first invented and then developed for the general public, there was not a lot of choice in the style and type of wheelchair you could purchase. They were pretty much all the same, heavy and had dark colours.

Today you have a great many options when choosing a manual wheelchair. There are wheelchairs that are designed for specific needs or for recreational activities. There have been some improvements in the variety of materials as well. Aluminium, titanium and chrome have replaced stainless steel as the only material available. The materials used to build the wheelchair have become lighter and therefore so have the finished wheelchairs.

While lightweight wheelchairs were originally designed for sports activities it soon became apparent that the materials worked for everyday standard wheelchairs. They are stylishly sporty and offer independence not seen in the heavier manual wheelchairs. Light weight wheelchairs have became very popular among wheelchair users.

Lightweight manual wheelchairs are designed for those with the upper body strength and mobility to move them. Users that are overweight should not use a lightweight wheelchair because the lightweight design is not equipped to handle the weight. The Esteem Ultra wheelchair is one of the most popular and highest quality lightweight wheelchairs on the market.

The standard wheelchair has a cross-brace frame; swing out footrests, removable or permanent armrests and either a mid level or high level back. There are those users who find this type of wheelchair suits them best.

A child's wheelchair must be designed for the growth of the child. It must also be designed to help children overcome the difficulties associated with being in a wheelchair. To aid in the social problems a wheelchair bound child might have they come in a variety of colours and styles.

There are also specialty wheelchairs that will suit the needs of a large variety of users. Different lifestyles require a different type of wheelchair. There are hemi wheelchairs that are powered by the strength of the legs. A larger person will be able to find a larger chair to accommodate their size.

Some wheelchairs are powered by the strength of one hand. Outdoor enthusiasts will find more durable and strong wheelchairs to fit into their outdoor lifestyle. Racing wheelchairs are more aerodynamic and even wheelchairs that help the individual to stand up.

In hospitals and nursing homes they use a different sort of wheelchair. These particular wheelchairs are designed specifically for moving patients in the institution and are not made for use by an individual.

Yes the wheelchair has certainly evolved over time. For many people they are the key to their independent lifestyle.

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