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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Funding With the NHS

Those who have physical disabilities find themselves in dire need of their own wheelchairs. However, wheelchairs can be very expensive and there are times when the person in need cannot afford to pay for one. To address the needs of these people, there are local organisations that can help.

If you do not have the financial capability to buy your own wheelchair, you should try making use of the services that the National Health Service provides. The NHS has a special Wheelchair Service that allows people to obtain funding for their wheelchairs.

The NHS Wheelchair Service is part of the national healths projects that takes responsibility for distributing funds to several wheelchair service providers and other health care organisations. These organisations then make use of the allocated funding to provide the physically disabled public with their own wheelchairs.

The process depends mostly on which local authority is involved. However, the standard process involves determining whether applicants are eligible to receive the funding requested. It also involves finding out what kind of wheelchair is required. The length of the process also varies on the local authority.

Usually, the first step is to find someone who can refer you to the NHS Wheelchair Service provider located in your area. Referrals can be carried out by your physician, health consultant or therapist.

After filing an application, your needs will be assessed. This may take as long as 3 to 6 months. This is often held in the local centre you have been referred to. Should you have any trouble going there, make sure to let the centre know. Throughout the assessment process, qualified professionals will be working with you and other health authorities.

Should you be eligible for a wheelchair, a local authority representative will discuss timescales and funding options with you. You must remember that there are certain criterion you must pass in order to be eligible to receive wheelchair funding. Depending on your needs and physical disability, you may be able to receive funding that will cover the entire cost of the wheelchair or at least part payment of a wheelchair.

Once the assessment has been cleared, the centre will place an order for your wheelchair. Depending on the type of wheelchair and the wheelchairs availability in local suppliers, you may have to wait a few weeks. When the wheelchair is ready, you will be able to pick it up and the local authority can if required arrange training on how to use the new wheelchair. Lastly, you will be taught how to maintain your wheelchair and how to repair certain parts should you experience any problems.

Although this may be an appealing option, you should be aware that it does take a long time before the entire process is over. Sometimes, people wait it out only to find out that they are not eligible for wheelchair funding. For this reason, should you be capable of buying your own wheelchair, even if you think you would be eligible, it might be better to just finance it yourself. Waiting many months without a wheelchair to keep you mobile is far from an ideal situation.

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