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Wheelchair user banned from his school

Louis, a lad from Somerset has been told to miss school as he cannot use his electric wheelchair on the premises.

Louis who lives in Street has Hyper mobility Syndrome ( HMS) which causes him to feel fatigued much of every day, it also leaves him prone to broken bones and occasional dislocations.

He has been using his electric wheelchair to get about the school since PAril this year but is now being told that he cannot continue unless he provides a report from the occupational therapist stating that the wheelchair is absolutely needed. In the meanwhile he is being taught at home by his mother Grace.

His mum Grace said: "HMS is a genetic disorder that runs in my family, I have it as does my other nine year old child, it's a disability that isn't visible but is extremely painful and makes us prone to extreme fatigue"

"For the past three years he's been home schooled but he desperately wanted to go to secondary school. We spoke and had numerous meetings with the Blue School and they were positive they could support him

"I even asked if we should wait until September as by then we should hopefully have an occupational therapist (OT) report but they saidApril would be fine. I've now had to de-register Louis from school as we've been told by staff that without the OT report he can't have the wheel chair at school, but without the chair he can't cope

"We feel extremely let down as we had virtually every agency involved in the process of getting him back to school and it could have been brilliant for him, instead I'm going to have to have him tutored at home

"That seems to be the only way his disability won't affect his education."

Lets hope that Louis is able to get further assessmnet and receives the right advise about his use of the electric wheelchair at school. We wish him well.

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