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Welcome to UK Wheelchairs - the home of value and quality

Wheelchair Power Packs

Wheelchair Power Packs have been designed to fit most types of wheelchairs and is an ideal accessory for carers or those pushing a wheelchair

The concept is that they reduce the strain on the person pushing by taking the majority of the work out of pushing a wheelchair especially up steeper inclines or on uneven surfaces. They provide variable speed options up to 4mph.

The Power Packs are designed to fit over 95% 0f wheelchairs (if you are in doubt if it would fit yours please call us on 01803 872020) and we will be able to confirm which unit is most compatible and whether you need any additional fittings. They can be fitted to Self Propelled, Transit, Bariatric and some Reclining wheelchairs, which is why we say they can be fitted to the majority of all wheelchairs.

The main Power Pack manufacturers include Roma Medical (RMA), TGA, Drive DeVilbiss and Van Os Medical, and between them they make a number of varieties with various options including variable speed, forward and reverse settings and ease of charging.

Dual wheel or single wheel versions are available together with heavy duty versions. They can be easily fitted to most wheelchairs via a couple of brackets. These brackets are left on the wheelchair together with the hand control unit on the handle bar which provides the variable speed and forward and reverse options.

The actual ‘power pack’ includes a removable battery pack which is easily dismantled from the wheelchair in a matter of seconds and installation is just as quick once the brackets and hand control unit are fitted.

The 12v battery is charged very easily, and this can be removed from the motor section for ease of transportation and charging.

We would normally opt for a dual wheel power pack as that gives better adhesion to the surface you are walking over.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call us on 01803 872020 or email us at We will fit the brackets and hand control unit to wheelchairs for you if a suitable wheelchair with a power pack are bought at the same time, so it’s all ready to use as soon as its delivered.