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Read all about Jimmy Wheelz !

We were recently told of a forthcoming publication and blog site all created by one young man called Tony who is a very talented artist from Florida. Jimmy Torres-Vanga is launching his first illustrated book that is all about his experience of growing up with disability.

Growing up and coming to terms with Spina Bifida, the spinal cord condition that leaves various degrees of disability, gave Tony plenty to write about while being wheelchair bound. Jimmy decided to create a fictional character that he names Jimmy Wheelz. Through a journey packed with lively cartoon characters he encounters, the Minilights, Jimmy discovers that his skills and abilities are far greater than his limitations. He learns not only to help himself, but also to help others around him with similar disabilities.

The book and multimedia presentations are all about the things that Tony Torres-Vanga experienced as a child tackling the multitude of mental and physical challenges that he faced on a day to day basis including dealing with most issues that affect many young people including peer pressure, loneliness and forming friendships. Tony says “I believe that anyone can overcome barriers if they have the right attitude. And that’s at the core of Jimmy Wheelz. I want to pass on my own personal mantra – when things push you down, get up and push back harder.”

With his health being the major consideration all his life Tony realises that although being wheelchair bound he learned to adapt his attitude to allow him to face most situations and come out on top feeling good about himself and what he was able to accomplish with the right mental attitude.

We're looking forward to the publication of his book and hope that it goes well for him and helps others who find themselves in a wheelchair for life. For more please visit his new web site:

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